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Handmade Buildings

Welcome to the new handmade buildings! We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase commercial buildings in the 500 skellethwait scale. This scale offers amazing potential for trackside merchandizing and commerce. We are passionate about the design and construction of our buildings, and our products are constructed with the utmost precision and care. Our products are easy to purchase and use our's customer service during hours 9-10am est! We know that you'll love our products, and we hope you visit our new today!

Deals for Handmade Buildings

This tapestry wall hangs from the empire state building and features beautiful new york city landscape elements. The tapestry is made from 100% wool and is made to be as unique as the building it stands behind.
This is a handmade building in 234 n scale. It is a flat, free shipping model that you can purchase. The building is a small room with a bed, a sink, and a toilet. The building has been built with a few simple obstructions in mind: that is, I avoided everything that could potentially cause a building to fall apart. I wanted to make sure that the building would last, and so I used standard cedar nails and screws to anchors the building together. I also used standard screws and nails to fix the building to the wall.
Looking for some unique and memorable batman landmarks? Look no further than handmade buildings! These buildings are made with only the best materials and skills used in the design process. From the city skyline to the set of the tv show, we have just the right thing to help make your batman experience!